Author- R. Gopalakrishnan

Pages- 164

Publisher- Rainlight Rupa

Genre- autobiography, history.

This one is small read which I picked up due to its very lovely cover and small gritty hardcover format. Ofcourse, I had heard good things about the author. But I am content now, that I have read it.

Book is autobiographical account of life of brahmin family living in villakudi village of Tamil Nadu, which faces all the challenges in Indian society but still thrives creating deep impression on the mind of the author.

Book has simple language, gives a lot of historical facts, which I found interesting and has a chapter on wisdom by author which he has derived during his life long career as a top leader in Hindustan lever and Tata.

Chapter on Calcutta and Subhash Chandra Bose is very good. Book touches every aspect of society like cast, farming, family values, temples, rituals, religion based politics, brain drain and main events in Indian history from Tipu Sultan to liberalisation.

Not a novel book but still a lot can be learned in this pacy read with aroma of Indian society filling your room and one may find familiarity of unchangeable destiny of Indian middle class. Middle class whose only option is embracing the change and then trying to adapt quickly to it and survive generation after generation, becoming more affluent each time.

One section discusses stories which had impact on author, these are all interesting stories

Flaw of the book is that it’s simple journal about self and plot wanders irregularly between history, present and autobiography.

But simplicity of writing, makes me think I will read his other books someday.

Rating- 3.5/5


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