Poonachi by Perumal Murugan

Book- Poonachi, or story of a black goat

Author- Perumal Murugan

Publisher- context

Pages- 180

This is a fable about a feeble black goat, poonachi and her endeavour to survive in all adversity and hardships.

One old couple in distant village of farmers, one day gets a small black goat as a gift and from that day, their life gets deeply entangled with the fragile creature.

Bond between old lady and goat is moving. She understands her bleats; can seperate painful bleats from bleats of joy and anxious bleats from bleats when goat is in heat. Their bonding stays firm while everything around them melts away.

It has deep sattire on authoritarian government and insensitive beauraucracy. It shows meekness of poor who find only solace in their imagined Gods.

There is a cute Love story embedded in the frame.

To weave painful magic in a small fable, using basic words of common dictionary is a profound act of genius by author.

This is a masterpiece of India writing.

Rating 4/5.🍩🍩🍩🍩


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