When breath becomes air by Paul Kalanidhi

Title- when breath becomes air

Author- Paul Kalanidhi

Publisher- Hachette books

Pages- 286

Some books visit you to reallocate your priorities and to clean dust from front of your eyes. To make you see how fragile our life is and how death makes us, more alive and coherent.

Book depicts fight of a neurosurgeon with advanced lung cancer and depicts beautifully that even a dying soul yearns for meaning.

He faces dilemma which every philosopher tried to decipher but still nobody could make out; what is the meaning of life and being human.

Author who has keen interest in literature, takes refuse into books for comfort and extracts meaningn from literature he had read in his teens.

Strong in message, moving tale which depicts pain a doctor has to share with his patients and how it is actual pain that makes you aware of real hardships of a dying man.

But Dr Paul does it with dignity and courage to leave a excellent book for his daughter and countless souls; suffering patients and fighting doctors who sometimes become patients themselves.

It is a must read for non fiction lovers. It’s that sort of book in which you know the plot and you know what is going to happen at end, but still you turn pages anxiously.

It’s quote that I liked is ” life is lived for first 20 years, after that it’s all reflecting.”


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