Hi friends,

It may be only coincidence but name Eleanor, seems to be popping out everywhere around me.


Last month I read three books, with Eleanor being the lead protagonist.


I thought you will like to meet them too.


I researched a bit about the name and found that it means; something like torch or light. This name was very popular in Europe in start of 19 the century. This was name of powerful and royal ladies.




I came face to face with it, when I read a romance story by Rainbow Rowell, last month and I personally did not like the book very much. Though I liked the name ” Eleanor”.


Next came one of the superstar books of 2018, Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine” by Gail Honeyman.

It’s female protagonist is certainly more lovable than Rowell’s book and I liked this book and its narration. Simple and penetrating.


This also made me to think that if you are a female author and you add ‘man’ at end of your name, you can write a bestseller.

( Erroneous thinking, I knew later).




Then I decided to read some comic. And still Eleanor will not leave me.

I read a very good educational graphic novel set in the background of world war 1 and it describes how bacillary dysentery cast havoc on injured soldiers.

This graphic novel named, ” The Invisible war” is too good to put down.


In it nurse and researcher sister Eleanor William does research on dysentery and helps in finding laboratory test for this dreaded disease.


So, friends in this short span I came to know three Eleanors, each uniquely powerful and charismatic.


Hope you also have tea with this Eleanors and spend few silent evening with these beautiful books.


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