Review- #crimesofgrindelwald by #jkrowling #screenplay. #bookblogger

Title- Crimes of Grindelwald

Author- J k Rowling

Genre- Fantasy, screenplay

Pages- 277
.My rating – 3/5

Another screeplay.
It’s a kind of peculiar feeling.
To say whether I like to read screenplays.
They are so rigid and revel things partially.
A lot is left to imagination.
And when you watch the movie; then only we know real impact of that scene.


.They lack elements of sarcasm and introspection by characters.
.Story is less engaging than first part of Newt Scamander’s book.
It is also less funny.Little more complicated.But it was nice to read about Hogwarts and Dumbledore again.

Another story revolving around complex family tree and complex relationship between two lovers..Grindelwald shows politics of radicalisation.In guise of freedom he makes followers to disrupt harmony of the wizarding World.He uses propaganda for that. Some hint of Nazism visible in it.

Credence risking his life only to know his family tree is boggling. Instead of focussing on his extremely powerful energg he is miserable to find his mothers name.Fight scenes are well written.I thought this part will end with Grindelwald’s loss but it is a long story.

It will take its time.
Characters have been defined now story has to flow through stuttering routes to its end.
Not as enchanting as Harry Potter books; but still it has wonderful specks of imagination.

And it has traces of those 7 books; as polyjuice potion, Hogwarts, Dumbledore and elder wand appear in scheme of things.
What are your thoughts if you have read this one.

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