Review The Innovation Mandate by Nicholas Webb #harpercollinsin #businessbooks

Title – The innovation mandate

Author – Nicholas J Webb

Publisher – HarperCollins

Pages – 224

Genre- Business and Investment

My rating – 4/5


In old times a company found a particular product or service;

It captured the market ( Competition was low);

And then it did same things in same way;

And reaped rewards for long.


But this is not possible now.

Speed of change in technology;

And change in competition is so fast;

They if company misses out on a particular breakthrough ; it is hard to come back.

It happened to Kodak, Nokia, many retails and many smaller firms.

.And it is happening everyday everywhere.

I got it 4 days back from #harpercollibsin as a review copy.

Today I finished this really useful and concise work; about role of innovations in the survival and longevity of a company; in present times of Moore’s law destroying accelerations in technology.
After reading it; It is appropriate to say that;

1. Biggest risk is not taking risk.
2. Staying still and same = failure
3. Average life of a corporation is shrinking.
4. Innovation can be incremental like #Toyota or disruptive like #netflix #amazon #uber #SpaceX #iphone



It is full of highly readable information and covers all aspects of process and principles behind innovation.
There are examples from real world of which few we may know already like Xerox, apple, Amazon but there are lots of new engrossing stories.

There is little bit of repetition but as a package book it is relatively free of useless data, jargons and overstretched paragraphs.

It is generic infirmation about role of innovations in every aspect of life and being; not specifically restricted to a business or corporation.

Principles can be applied to everyone and everything.







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