Review Talking to strangers #Malcom Gladwell #allenlane #selfhelp #newbooks

Title- Talking to strangers

Genre- Science, psychology

Pages- 400

Author- Malcolm Gladwell

Publisher – Allen Lane

My Rating- 4/5


It is third Malcom Gladwell book I have read.

Title of the book doesn’t reveal much. It is much more than talking to strangers.
It is not about communication skills in particular and not any boring self help book you find splattered all over the book shelves.

It is a book that will take you on a ride. It will i form as well enthrall you.

Book is full of very interesting; real events put together in a basket; as author plays with them analysing them through lens of his ideas.

One thing is for sure, you dont get bored anywhere and second he gives you a lot of stuff to google about.
That is a good thing.

Book analyses how poets die early, how overpolicing can kill general public, what a suicidal person needs absolutely and study of double agents.

What I disliked is too many long scandals with graphic details of physical intimacy; which could do with a little less dissection of actual events. I didn’t connect to sexual scandal cases which are over elobrated

I like the way author starts each chapter and how he makes a homogeneous dough of higly varied facts and different scientific streams.

I am definitely hooked to his writing style and will like to read every work that he has published.

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