Book review Fly fly again #graphicnovel #kidsbook #comic #greenleafbooks

Title- fly fly again.

Author- Katie Jaffe and Jennifer Lawson

Illustrations- Tamir lyon

Publisher – Greenleaf book club

Genre- kids fiction

My rating – 4/5



It is a wonderful kids book.

It is illustrated kids book about a girl who wants to make a rocket. She wants to fly.

So with her friends, she plans to make s plane.

She tries again and again till she succeds. Her friends help her.

Story is nice and simple perfectly suited for reading by kids. Captions hav we simple vocabulary. It is easy on eyes.

Artwork is excellent.

Use of colors is very good and clarity of pictures is amazing.

All the fine details in background are visible.

I read it to my son and he enjoyed it.

It teaches value of hard work.

A very nice kids book.

I recommend it to everyone interested in reading illustrated works.

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