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Hi friends.

Thanks for being with me dear friends. It has been a really good journey.

Now from book reviews I have decided to shift to a more valuable theme for my posts. . Why another blog. Another blog doomed for obscurity. Another blog worth bypassing. Save our attention. It’s so precious thing that very less is left to volunteer.

Why I am here —

Whatever I read just slips over my duramatter, never to be retrieved.

Hence my brother ( younger and wiser) , advised me to write down stuff; so that my repellent brain can review the stuff I presume to be valuable.

“In process you may find something useful, a smelly idea. An idea which might be worth sniffing.”

And I promise it will consume lesser time than an average small coffee.

Oh, lord save our time and our attention. Save our attention for Netflix, twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

#newblogidea #psycholgy #money #brain

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