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Daily you get out of your bed with tired eyes and head to the same bathroom. By the time you have taken bath you work subconsciously. You don’t even realise that you have been in absent mindedness for an hour.

And then same scolding from your wife brings you to senses and worries of your office work slowly crawl on to you. You suddenly realize you have to take bath and eat breakfast in 10 minutes to be on time.

Next day same repeats.

You have developed patterns. You do and think in a same way day after day. There are no new or original ideas.

Your boss also snorts when in meeting you give the same idea that you had given in meeting two years back. Of course that is idea that is never going to work. You and boss both know that.


Now your friend who is himself lazy guy; tells you to be original. He tells you that you only live once and even if you can never get young again, try to be an original thinker to succed. Then you come back, finish your drink quickly and head towards same old bed.

But there are a few things that this guy we are discussing can do. Lets try to enumerate them.

1. Question status quo

See what you are doing. Identify wrong things. Question them as they are not written in our constitution. You can tinker with them. Even your boss will like if you could change a few bad things. Even your big boss ( Your wife) will like; if you behaved and acted differently. Try to change things for good. Till you don’t recognise defeciencies; how could you act on them.

2. Increase number of ideas

If a hen gives 10 eggs and 5 of them are good. Then it is highly advisable that she should produce more eggs. By increasing number of new ideas you can increase chances of finding a good idea. Swing your bat and you may hit the ball someday. Don’t restrict number of possibilities you may consider.

3. Try new domain –

Research has shown that professors who had diverse hobbies like gardening, arts, sports, music had greater chance of winning nobel prize. Learn new skills. Learn new language. In stead of accumulating fat in front of television; go and read something. When you expand field of your knowledge, number of original ideas increase.

4. Socialise out of your field

Meet people from different jobs, different ethnicity, different country and different religions. When you come in contact with new cultures you learn new facets of life. You may find a new idea in the process. Artists who visit different countries benefit from their experience. Same applies to authors.

5. Repeat

By repeating and discussing idea you become familiar with it. Alongside you tend to get to a little depth.

You can mix new idea with old famous one to succeed. Like King kong movie shows theme similar to beauty and the beast. Similarly Pixar’s toy story shows theme of friendship and sacrifice with use of common toys. Both movies were successful.

6. Start by analysing drawbacks –

Start by seeing weak aspects of your idea. This will make you more receptive of criticism. Also listeners of your idea will be hard pressed to find more flaws, when you have already found few common ones. It makes you sound honest.

Babble website is for children care and its founder Rufus Griscom used this trick to pitch Disney to buy his website. He told them five reasons why Disney should not buy his company. Disney bought it for 40 million.

7. Take mindful risk – When you have got a new idea. Analysis of risk profile becomes necessary. When you take risk in one domain of your life like your job, you must become more cautious in other domains like investing and family life. Don’t quit jobs or throw a gamble. Mitigate risk when you work on your original idea.

8. Feedback– In surge of endorphins you may fly a little high. You may not see obvious flaws in your plan. Make a original idea and get feedback from peers and mentors. They provide you with valuable insights. Use that insight to improve on your plan.

9. Be lazy sometimes– It is never a good idea to jump as soon as you get parachute. First check it for holes and check wind speed. Check for rescuers. As Stephan King said, ” No need to write an idea. If it is good enough it will stick.”

Give your idea an incubation time. Let the market become ripe and receptive. Ideas get fatty and more productive with time. Dont be super lazy but give your ideas some time.

Wao. You made till the end. That’s amazing.

Inspiration – Originals by Adam Grant.

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