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We commonly hear succes stories.

Hero of our story is a badass. He kicks away ( metaphorically) his college professor or his old boss and goes to do his own business.

He leaves suddenly one day and bravely survives inspite of constrained finances.


But we should be sceptical about it.

Studies show 90% of new businesses fail within three years.

Reason may be anything but such massacre happens.

Either you are immature, or you have non accepting market , wrong niche, wrong product or insufficient finances.



Then if you have a job, however ugly it may be you should not throw it away suddenly.

You should cling to it a little longer. Let it suck your soul a little longer.

And you should leave when you have one foot stable in new arena.

Studies have shown that people who keep their jobs while starting business have little more chance of succeding in their effort.

Don’t gamble bro.

Assess, polish, judge, secure and then raise the curtains. Wait before you scold your boss.

We have got proof from real life also.

Steve Wozniak co founder of Apple, kept working in hp for one more year after tinkering for Apple.

Google founders waited to complete their PhD before starting internet search engine.

Queen guitarist Brain May kept his studies going while performing at band.



Scott Adams who made Dilbert comic, jet working on his job.



Stephan King didn’t become Full time writer for seven years after he started writing.



eBay fonder Pierre kept his job while working part time on his website.

Spanx founder Sarah Blakely kept her job of selling fax machines, alongside her project.



Would they do that.



It is because human brain is hard wired to seek safety.

So, entrepreneurs being human and not being gamblers, first assess complete risk before burning their boats.

Thay modify the risk.

Who take blind risks, are likely to fail.

So, next time you get angry on your boss, just sip a glass of cold water and rethink over your future projects.

Make it a reasonable guess and moderate risk and go with complete set of emergency brakes.


.Take your plan A, B and C with you.

Inspiration – Originals by Adam Grant

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