Difference between attitude and approach. #personalgrowth #attitude #psycholgy

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Category – psychology

Attitude is the way of thinking about someone or something.

Approach is the way of dealing with a situation or a challenge.

Let’s see the difference by reading a short event about real life.

Ramesh and suresh both are friends. They have final exams. Ramesh misses last question due to shortage of time. He is sad and full of remorse.

Suresh misses the exam as alarm didn’t ring. He is happy that he will be better prepared in repeat exam and thankful that no body has died due to this omission.

They both have different Attitude towards circumstances.


Now Suresh and Ramesh join jobs.

They both need to prepare presentation before weekend.

Ramesh is stressed, about to bite any one distracting him and cancels planned birthday party of his friend.

Suresh gets in touch with his senior and gets his presentation on same themes presented last year. He quickly modifies it for current year. He stays late in party and enjoys the bash.

Boss finds no difference in their presentation and also they were not related to critical aspect of the business.

This shows difference in their approach.

Inspiration – Ashwin Sanghi’s nonfiction works.

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