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Hi friends.

Thanks for being with me dear friends. It has been a really good journey.

Now from book reviews I have decided to shift to a more valuable theme for my posts. . Why another blog. Another blog doomed for obscurity. Another blog worth bypassing. Save our attention. It’s so precious thing that very less is left to volunteer.

Why I am here —

Whatever I read just slips over my duramatter, never to be retrieved.

Hence my brother ( younger and wiser) , advised me to write down stuff; so that my repellent brain can review the stuff I presume to be valuable.

“In process you may find something useful, a smelly idea. An idea which might be worth sniffing.”

And I promise it will consume lesser time than an average small coffee.

Oh, lord save our time and our attention. Save our attention for Netflix, twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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Book review Fly fly again #graphicnovel #kidsbook #comic #greenleafbooks

Title- fly fly again.

Author- Katie Jaffe and Jennifer Lawson

Illustrations- Tamir lyon

Publisher – Greenleaf book club

Genre- kids fiction

My rating – 4/5



It is a wonderful kids book.

It is illustrated kids book about a girl who wants to make a rocket. She wants to fly.

So with her friends, she plans to make s plane.

She tries again and again till she succeds. Her friends help her.

Story is nice and simple perfectly suited for reading by kids. Captions hav we simple vocabulary. It is easy on eyes.

Artwork is excellent.

Use of colors is very good and clarity of pictures is amazing.

All the fine details in background are visible.

I read it to my son and he enjoyed it.

It teaches value of hard work.

A very nice kids book.

I recommend it to everyone interested in reading illustrated works.

Review Talking to strangers #Malcom Gladwell #allenlane #selfhelp #newbooks

Title- Talking to strangers

Genre- Science, psychology

Pages- 400

Author- Malcolm Gladwell

Publisher – Allen Lane

My Rating- 4/5


It is third Malcom Gladwell book I have read.

Title of the book doesn’t reveal much. It is much more than talking to strangers.
It is not about communication skills in particular and not any boring self help book you find splattered all over the book shelves.

It is a book that will take you on a ride. It will i form as well enthrall you.

Book is full of very interesting; real events put together in a basket; as author plays with them analysing them through lens of his ideas.

One thing is for sure, you dont get bored anywhere and second he gives you a lot of stuff to google about.
That is a good thing.

Book analyses how poets die early, how overpolicing can kill general public, what a suicidal person needs absolutely and study of double agents.

What I disliked is too many long scandals with graphic details of physical intimacy; which could do with a little less dissection of actual events. I didn’t connect to sexual scandal cases which are over elobrated

I like the way author starts each chapter and how he makes a homogeneous dough of higly varied facts and different scientific streams.

I am definitely hooked to his writing style and will like to read every work that he has published.

Review- Gumshoe blues by #blogtour#thriller #blackthornebooktours #virtualbooktoyr

Title- Gumshoe blues

Publisher- Independent

Pages- 112

Author- Paul D Brazill

Genre- crime thriller

My Rating- 4/5

It is a short crime novel based on Seatown private investigator, Peter Ord.
He was a teacher who dropped out to be a private eye.
Stories are small and decorated by intelligent descriptions if scenes and situations. There are innovative takes on common events, like wobbly finger.

Characters are multiple with story line changing for better at every page end.
Narrative is enjoyable, without
complexities and events invariably return to bars and there is a lot of booz.

He frequently uses metaphors comparing people and places with popular film and music personalities and athletes.

Dark humaor binds the cases and words like whiskey, vodka, brandy, cold, rain and farts, fly appear regularly.

Not a long boring, uselessly burdned thriller book, but short Quirky and interesting stuff you are going to like.

Conversations between characters is in captivating dialect; that keeps predictability at bay.

Thanks Blackthorn tours for reading opportunity. I look forward to read other works by the author.

My first Murakami book

Happy Tuesday to all.
I came after some delay.
It was natural. I was reading Murakami.
He writes long books.
I read , Norwegian Wood.
On a gentle look, It is a weired book.
A marginalised confused youth, who speaks very less and drinks a lot.
And it is a dark book. Sadness soaks it to deep and if you leave its red cover out it is totally devoid of light.
Protagonists fall for each other but never to synchronise.

What they like is there for them but they cannot have it.
They just cannot get normal.
Even if they walk on beautiful winter morning, cicads crush under their feet.
Just on exterior it is a bony book. Too hard to enjoy and cobtinue but still you keep going reading it, just for unexpected flairs it exudes.
What makes it beautiful is that Murakami has wrapped it in white soft silk of his prose which softerns its sharp edges , so that it does become harmless to reader.

It is full of alcohal, insomnia, lonliness, letters, longing, graphic intimacy, music and lots of mental turmoil.

But it is still a beautiful story which clings onto readers mind and grows slowly in size, till readers gets a deep sense of satisfaction, having read a masterpiece.
And as I read Killing commandatore, feeling of deja vu envelopes me.

Another socially marginalised character who is soaked in art and music and goes on aimless vigil through unknown streets of Japan before settling down in absolute striking solitude.
Looking forward to read other works of genius writer.
I wish it could be a little happy book.

I could not make sense of what Watanabe did with Reiko at last. It was weired.

But I doubt , it would have become famous then.

It is painful but it is worth reading by everyone.

Review The Innovation Mandate by Nicholas Webb #harpercollinsin #businessbooks

Title – The innovation mandate

Author – Nicholas J Webb

Publisher – HarperCollins

Pages – 224

Genre- Business and Investment

My rating – 4/5


In old times a company found a particular product or service;

It captured the market ( Competition was low);

And then it did same things in same way;

And reaped rewards for long.


But this is not possible now.

Speed of change in technology;

And change in competition is so fast;

They if company misses out on a particular breakthrough ; it is hard to come back.

It happened to Kodak, Nokia, many retails and many smaller firms.

.And it is happening everyday everywhere.

I got it 4 days back from #harpercollibsin as a review copy.

Today I finished this really useful and concise work; about role of innovations in the survival and longevity of a company; in present times of Moore’s law destroying accelerations in technology.
After reading it; It is appropriate to say that;

1. Biggest risk is not taking risk.
2. Staying still and same = failure
3. Average life of a corporation is shrinking.
4. Innovation can be incremental like #Toyota or disruptive like #netflix #amazon #uber #SpaceX #iphone



It is full of highly readable information and covers all aspects of process and principles behind innovation.
There are examples from real world of which few we may know already like Xerox, apple, Amazon but there are lots of new engrossing stories.

There is little bit of repetition but as a package book it is relatively free of useless data, jargons and overstretched paragraphs.

It is generic infirmation about role of innovations in every aspect of life and being; not specifically restricted to a business or corporation.

Principles can be applied to everyone and everything.







What #harrypotter and cursed child. Shows to readers. #jkrowling. #bloomsbury

Title – Harry Potter and cursed child

Genre – Fantasy

After 7 books.
Then there was one more book.
That needed knowledge of all seven books.

It changed everything to show what small events can do to full picture.

1. It showed harry is vulnerable.

.As a father, as a minister, as a wizard and as a famous personality he has many I securities and fears.

2. It showed harry cannot fight alone.


Like every fight in Hogwarts he needed every help from his trusted friends.

3. It showed being good father is like being a hero.

Harry finds it tough to be a good father.

4. It showed friends are necessary; always.

5. It showed there is always poision inside every elixir.

No victory is pure. There is always loss in every victory. There is always some pain. Some loss. Some regrets. Some longing. Something we dearly want to change.



6. It showed in form of Snape; that brave is always brave.

He dies twice for saving world.


7. It showed that clear thinking always over powers brutal force.


You will always need brain even if you are a strong wizard.



8. It showed teens need guidance to stay out of big troubles.
9. Another great story about time travel and use of experiments with a known story; without altering effect of original story.



And to supplement it; awonderful cover. Might be misleading but certainly curiosity builder.