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How to take risks in your job and life – risk theory #sapiens #history #covid

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“All the risks your ancestors have taken from the big bang till COVID-19.”

We humans like the comfort zone. An imaginary blanket in our immediate surroundings, where we can switch off our alarms and finally consume more calories than we need.

We avoid risks at all the places at every cost. We keep cold away with heaters and clothes. We wash away majority of bacteria from our skin surface daily.

We freeze with fear when teacher asks a question, that we don’t know or our boss passes a bad look.

We avoid risks.

But you are unaware of all the risks that your father’s and forefathers took to bring you here.

Let’s examine this truth.

When you were planned there was one in three million chance, that you will be made as sperm started to dissolve wall of the egg that formed you.

Even after that sperm that made you had success, it still had 50% chance that your sex will be different.

Here a race of blind cells decided a large number of things.

Your country, your city, your religion, your culture, your staple food, your inheritable wealth and everything attached to these. Your president, your economy. It was all risk that you had to take involuntarily.

It was such a big risk that was taken to bring you to life. Then you stayed for 9 months protected inside the body of your mother.

Risk of still birth in normal pregnancy is 14 per thousand live births and risk to mother during normal birth is 0.001% ( maternal mortality rate). but you took both the risks to come to this beautiful world. Here without your knowledge.

You also survived infant period with mortality rate of 29 per 1000 live births. Thats why you are reading this article.

Then you came out and your parents don’t want to take any risk with you.

Ok let’s see a little farther back in time.

If you are born in India in 2010.

Let’s see

Your parents survived covid pandemic to be able to give birth to you. Your mom took risk of bearing a pregnancy which has a risk of but she loves you. So she undertook this risk without second thoughts.

They survived traveling on roads which has risk of dying. With 1% vehicles india account for 11% of global deaths in road traffic accidents.

They survived 2008 market crash and recession which deprived a lots of population from basic amenities.

You must remember that it is still not finalized that they will be your parents. But as we know future now as we are writing this fir this article, we know that they must survive to reach a stage when you will come.

They survive their own pregnancies and births.

Then we reach to their parents. And their parents who all survived countless risks that routine life brings about. All the risks that you undertook and many more.

It continued up all the generations. 1962 war with China. 1965 war with Pakistan. Struggle of independence. The Cuban missile crisis. The Cold war. World war one. World war two.

If any of your ancestors had suffered due to any of these,then your existence would not have been possible.

As you can see DNA that you share has been taking so many risks for so long to reach you.

Let’s see furthur back. Very long ago

Your ancestors survived plague and cholera epidemics. They survived British rule. They survived wars and famines and floods and roits that occured regularly.

They survived rule of Mughals and Maharajas. They survived invasions by foreign countries.

They survived five mass extinctions that earth has witnessed. Each wiped out almost 70% species from the face of the earth.

Yes you right. At that stage the ancestors that created your ancestors might have been a fish or tribolite or sponge. But they were necessary to carry your DNA to the year 2021. We still have 30% of our DNA matching with mushrooms.

But ancestors of your ancestors survived this risky proposition.

They survived at the floor of prehistoric seas; where volcanic activity poured minerals necessary for the first forms of life to flourish.

Then even before life has begun in the form of unicellular life; conditions had to exist for any possibility of the life.

Oxygen had to increase. Magnetic field had to form around earth. Atmosphere had to form. But all the atoms that form you took the risk to exist in the most hostile of the environments.

They fused in the stars and fissioned in nuclear activities but they travelled all the way to reach your ancestors.

Then further back. Mind-boggling pastof the universe.

Gravity and other forces of nature had to fine-tune to form galaxies and solar system and our star sun. Antimatter and matter had to settle their concentrations. A little imbalance in forces and their timings would have formed completely different universe. Or may be no universe.

Even back.

Inflation had to occur just after big bang to allow enough cooling so that atoms could form. These atoms will form everything; that you see around you along with fields that carry energies.

So any disturbance at any point along this cascade would have ultimately lead to failure of one of your ancestors to survive. And finally you.

But it happened that they took extreme risks but still survived to reach here to make you possible.

Things that make your existence possible, have always taken gigantic risks and still have survived.

Why then are you afraid of risks so much?

By further analysing these facts we can presume that unknown risks are always there.

Out of the known risks there are a few which can utterly ruin you. These are to be a avoided.

But all other risks which make up the majority of risks you have to take voluntarily, are nothing in front of all the risks and stakes that you have already survived.

As a man thinketh – A pictorial revisit #picturestory

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As a man thinketh, so is he.

Manifest personality is end result of all the thoughts.

Each thought has a certain end result on circumstances.

Thoughts finally reveal themselves.

Psychology is mixture of all your thoughts.

Habits are dependent on thoughts, which in turn affect the life.

Bad thoughts, bad outcomes.

Inner thoughts must be in harmony with outer behaviour for a happy life.

Bad thoughts end up in bad lives.

Our biggest superpower is that we can choose which thoughts to focus upon.

No win is final in current economy – Domino’s pizza #business #money

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We all eat pizza all the time. In good times and also in the bad times. When she doesn’t want to cook or you don’t want to cook yourself.

Pizza Hut was found in Michigan in 1958 and Domino’s in Michigan in 1960.

They slowly gained customer base with regular innovations and efforts.

In 2010s Domino’s invested heavily in digital infrastructure and slowly overtook pizza hut in terms of revenues.

It invested in digital media for ordering and delivering it’s pizza. It used data gathered this way to its advantage. It gathered ideas from customer feedbacks. It made its digital data driven network.

It won the battle from pizza hut and little outlets.

But then came new startups.

Last mile meal delivery apps.

Ubereats. Zomato. Swiggy. Doordash.

They delivered all types of food that may be ordered daily; as compared to pizza which is eaten once in a while.

And whoosh there is a new battle at the hands.

Hence companies have to adapt continuosly to emerging rapid competition.

They should try to prepare vertically integrated digital data network that benefits from client’s data with time. And hope to become one of the two main competitors in a particular segment of business.

Inspiration – Everybody wants to rule the world by R Wang.

Is your lifetime quota of heartbeats fixed ? kleiber,s law #innovations

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Max kleiber was a Swiss scientist.

He researched on agricultural plants and animals. He wanted to find, effect of body size on metabolic rate of the organisms, a thing that was useful in cattle industry.

Cattle industry owners saw potential in his research, as he could predict how fat their cattle will grow and how much bounty they can get by serving them to carnivorous masses.

Working over this, he stumbled upon a pattern, which is called kleiber law.

He noticed that as organisms grow in size, they slow down.

A rat has faster beating heart; as compared to an elephant. A bull’s heart beats slower than a cat, when he munches his grass.

He applied his mathematics knowledge, to analyse it and he found that it follows, “negative quarter power scaling.”

That means something; that blasts mind of every guy, who didn’t like maths at the school.

But, we can only know that if we take mass of an organism and do its square root and do square root of result obtained again; we will get approximate idea of its metabolism. Metabolism is 3/4 th power of its mass.

That means we do sqaure root twice.

By these ratios, we can predict relative metabolism of two animal species.

For example, if we take a cow and a rat. Let’s assume if cow is x times heavier than it; then cow’s heart will beat x times slower than rat and it will live roughly x times longer.

Scientist Geoffrey west took it further, when he applied this law to non living things like cities, creativity and ideas.

It applied well to cities when we saw cable length, petrol stations, factories etc.

But when he applied it to Idea generation and innovation it was not applicable.

As size of cities increased, number of ideas generated increased exponentially.

That is why cities serve as centres of growth and innovation.

As different ideas collide; they generates new combinations.

Hence, although kleiber’s law can help in comparison of heart rates and life-span of different species, it doesn’t apply everywhere as a basic law of energy distribution in nature.

Let’s stop here. I don’t see too many fans of mathematics, who scroll on social media.

Inspiration – Where the good ideas come from Steven Johnson.

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10/10 law #innovation #newtech #economic science

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Slow path of acceptance

We humans are slow. We have infinite inertia. We would lie on the spot; if somebody put food plate on our belly and switched on the television.

We hardly like to change.

When scientists make a new discovery, they jump in their trousers and envision world changing due to their discovery.

But with time, they see ignorant human beings around them, munching on their oily burgers.

How they can’t see the revolution.

Scientists grow old, their skin wrinkles, eyes give away in the hope of seeing their discovery reach the masses and few even go away into oblivion, before people realise that some great thing is here.

It applies to all the technologies. Generally a technology is slow to be adapted by massess.

It takes generally 10 years to build a new platform or idea and another 10 years to its reach into mass audience.

For example first colour tv broadcast was done in 1954, but it reached prime time in 1965.

HDTV took 10 years to reach from first signal to mass audience.

AM radio took 10 years to reach masses.

But this speed was speed of the 20 th century.

Now, technology progress seems to be speeding up. Facebook, YouTube, wtsapp took lesser time to reach masses.

So did instagram and paytm.

So did phonepe, Zomato and grocers.

As technology and it’s adoption rate are both speeding up; it remains a mystery that when will this speed stabalise or we are going to be more and more entropic race.

Inspiration – The design of everyday things by Don Norman

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