What #harrypotter and cursed child. Shows to readers. #jkrowling. #bloomsbury

Title – Harry Potter and cursed child

Genre – Fantasy

After 7 books.
Then there was one more book.
That needed knowledge of all seven books.

It changed everything to show what small events can do to full picture.

1. It showed harry is vulnerable.

.As a father, as a minister, as a wizard and as a famous personality he has many I securities and fears.

2. It showed harry cannot fight alone.


Like every fight in Hogwarts he needed every help from his trusted friends.

3. It showed being good father is like being a hero.

Harry finds it tough to be a good father.

4. It showed friends are necessary; always.

5. It showed there is always poision inside every elixir.

No victory is pure. There is always loss in every victory. There is always some pain. Some loss. Some regrets. Some longing. Something we dearly want to change.



6. It showed in form of Snape; that brave is always brave.

He dies twice for saving world.


7. It showed that clear thinking always over powers brutal force.


You will always need brain even if you are a strong wizard.



8. It showed teens need guidance to stay out of big troubles.
9. Another great story about time travel and use of experiments with a known story; without altering effect of original story.



And to supplement it; awonderful cover. Might be misleading but certainly curiosity builder.

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